What will an agency be able to do for me?

Modeling and talent agencies book models and talent for a number of jobs such including promotions, print, runway, TV commercials and training videos.


If I sign with an Agency, what happens next?

For modeling assignments, if you don’t already have professional photos, you will need to arrange for a photo shoot.  You will want to make sure to get a variety of looks during the shoot. For acting and on camera TV work, you will need a headshot and a reel is desirable. In either case an on-line presence is extremely important (your Agency can help you set this up).


How important is an on-line portfolio?

Composite cards and portfolios are being increasingly replaced by on-line portfolios. A web presence allows the Agency to provide clients with up to date photos and biographical information of talent they wish to be considered.  If there are significant changes to the look or biographical information for talent, it can be quickly and easily upgraded on-line. In many cases the cost of an on-line portfolio is the same or less than composite cards.


What hours should I expect to work?

There are no set hours and bookings can take place anytime and anywhere, depending on the requirements.  Most work will take place during the day on weekdays, but there may be work on the weekends. Promotional work, fashion shows and hair shows are often booked on weekends.


Is there a minimum age to be with an Agency?

If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when you visit most agencies and that person will also have to agree to the terms of Agency contract and sign it.  There are many models and actors under the age of 18 years old who enjoy regular bookings and acting assignments.  Keep in mind that assignments can take place during the day while school is in session and parents should be prepared to work with school officials when this occurs.


If I am with an Agency will I have to take every job offered?

No. Just like clients have the right to select the model or talent they wish to use, you have the option of accepting or turning down a booking.


How much notice do I get for bookings/auditions?

There is not set rule, but figure on anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  Clients determine when they want to see prospective models and talent, not the Agency. When possible, most Agencies will try to provide two days notice.


What is the difference between and an Agent and a Manager?

An Agency represents many talent and although they promote each of their models and talent, each is one of many. Managers work with only a few models and/or talent and the relationship is more personal. Managers may direct their models or talent to several Agencies and a variety of opportunities. Managers usually charge a 15% commission, while Agencies receive a 20% commission. You can be represented by an Agency without having a Manager, but you would not likely have a Manager and not an Agency.


What is the difference between an Agency and a casting company?

Many Agencies do work with casting directors. Casting directors and Agencies do not in compete with each other. Casting companies may work closely with  Agencies on specific projects and auditions.


Can I work with more than one agency?

Most models and talent work on a non-exclusive basis, especially when first starting out. If you are asking to sign an exclusive contract be sure to weigh the options and limitations that may be created.